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System Engineering


We design server structures tailored to your budget and availability demands. From high-performance single servers to cluster solutions and grids, we are pleased to advise you.

Through our complete/airtight monitoring of your server systems, we recognize and repair errors before they crop up. We design your systems to tolerate errors so that a hardware defect does not lead to a production stoppage.


Analyzing network security and access control is standard business for us. We design a secure architecture for your system and close existing gaps. We adapt the technology we set up to the latest state of research and development.


Our special monitoring techniques enable us to supervise your server, access systems and other critical systems efficiently.


Migrating from traditional structures to new ones is part of our daily job. Whether it's your COBOL application, your AS/400 systems, the VAX with the Fortran database or your Clipper/xBase database - we give your systems up-to-date platforms with secure futures without hurting your budget. Even in critical circumstances, we enable a smooth transition from old to new.


A merger or takeover requires a fusion of the IT landscape. Our many years of experience in merging and unifying computer and server worlds, as well as organization- and application-related structures helps you join multiple parts into one.


Availability and control in LAN or across long distances - together with our telecommunications partners, we develop solutions suited to your availability and performance demands.

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