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Enterprise Administration

Many companies have entrusted us with the partial or complete administration of their corporate IT. Our customers profit from an excellent quality and service and a professional attitude that results from our long years of experience. OSYON has been working as an outsourcing service provider for multiple years. We are experienced with SMB and large enterprise environments as well and have been working for many industries.

We administrate your IT - in parts or completely, depending on your companies requirements and the specific market environment of your company and your industry. Closely cooperating with your experts, we implement new structures or adapt existing structures to changing demands. We simplify existing workflows and install new and up-to-date infrastructure where necessary. OSYON helps you gain an unparalleled flexibility.

With us, you will significantly decrease IT spending and simultaneously improve performance, availability and security.

As your primary outsourcing service provider, OSYON acts as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) and is in charge of the entire end-to-end support and the complete ICT infrastructure of your company.

Our multi-skilled staff is competent in all fields of IT. Therefore, we offer a wide range of special services that include all aspects of enterprise administration: Support Services Center, End User Services, Infrastructure Services, Technology Lifecycle Services and Consulting Services.

Our services allow us to tailor solutions according to your company's specific demands. Furthermore, our customers profit from a transparent and flexible cost structure that guarantees highest quality and outstanding cost control.

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