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Functions for Production Planning, ERP and Quality Control

The food industry has high requirements for production planning and ERP. In particular, the industry needs exhaustive quality control. You must be able to trace each raw material and production lot. Furthermore, the exact production process and precise recipe used at the time of production must always remain accessible. Only thus, your company can meet legal requirements and the expectations of modern customers.

In its system architecture, Quan sis Food has been completely based on lot-based production in the food industry. The system manages all raw material and production lots in central modules. Traceability becomes easier and quicker than ever. You reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Quan sis Food also allows an optimal machine time utilization and production planning. The specifications and parameter management modules help you improve your production processes and thus reduce costs that may result from machine downtime or maintenance time.

Quan sis Food also facilitates quality control. The module QCM (Quality Control Management) manages quality control parameters and test results of all raw materials and production lots. You can define parameters according to your specific requirements and attach them to raw materials or products. Other modules let you check the current status of quality control. Furthermore, you can prohibit production lots from delivery that have not received satisfying test results.

Quan sis Food meets international standards and current European Union legislation on traceability of foods.

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