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WAN Link Load Balancing Appliances - FortiWAN


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Fortinet’s FortiWAN intelligently balances Internet and intranet traffic across multiple WAN connections, providing additional low-cost incoming and outgoing bandwidth for the enterprise and substantially increased connection reliability. FortiWAN is supported by a userfriendly UI and a flexible policy-based performance management system. It provides a unique solution that offers comprehensive multi-WAN management that keeps costs down as well as keeping customers and users connected.


Increase Network Performance

FortiWAN intelligently aggregates multiple broadband and/or leased access lines to significantly increase Internet access performance. FortiWAN load balances Internet service requests, optimally distributing traffic across all available access links. Seven different load balancing algorithms provide the flexibility to maximize productivity from any network scenario.

Inbound Access Load Balancing

FortiWAN also load balances service requests from Internet users accessing Enterprise-hosted web, email or VPN servers. Multiple links, media and ISPs can be utilized without complex interfaces or programming with your service providers. Bandwidth can be added and removed quickly and easily.

Site-to-Site WAN Connectivity

FortiWAN gives you high-performance inter-site connectivity without the need to lease expensive links such as T1 and T3. FortiWAN aggregates multiple low-cost Internet access links to create site-to-site Virtual Private Line (VPL) tunnels of up to 1 Gbps for LAN-like performance between company locations. By using multiple carriers and media, reliability of these VPL tunnels can exceed that of traditional engineered carrier links

Tunnel Routing — Virtual Private Line Services

Inter-site tunnels can be created from fractional, full, multiple and fractions of multiple WAN links. Applications requiring large single-session bandwidth such as video conferencing or WAN optimization can use multiple links to build the bandwidth needed. Multi-session traffic can share an appropriately-sized tunnel. Tunnels have the same functionality as single links, supporting load balancing, fallback, failover and health detection within and between tunnels.

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