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OSYON becomes Microsoft Gold Partner

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OSYON becomes New Boundary Authorized Partner

German trade magazine Lebensmitteltechnik on Quan sis


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OSYON at Anuga Food Tec in Cologne, March 10 to 13


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OSYON becomes NetApp Partner


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Business Process Optimization

Process Optimization

We analyze your production processes and optimize them cost-effectively. Clarity, expandability and comprehensibility. We harmonize your production practices and IT. We help you make your workflow more comprehensible.


A high degree of automation demands intelligent units that interact extensively but work autonomously. We set up these agents and the central engine for your intelligent, cost-effective workflow.

Special Skills

We deploy the most modern technologies to reach these goals. We have developed modules in the fields of neuronal networks, fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence that prove their worth on an everyday basis.

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