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Off Shoring? Near Shoring? Here Shoring!

Offshoring salaries have been rising significantly in the last few years. Ten years ago, excellent IT experts in India earned approximately five percent of their European colleagues. Today, however, Indian IT-salaries reach nearly 80 to 90 percent of the Western European average. Thus, offshoring is losing its financial advantages. On the other hand, however, the disadvantages become more evident.

We analyze advantages and disadvantages of offshoring or nearshoring in concrete outsourcing projects. We contrast offshoring or nearshoring with hereshoring. We consult you thoroughly and show you how to reduce spending in your home country. In many cases, offshoring results in re-structuring effords, whicb may have harvested similar effects if implemented in a company's home country.

We offer consulting services without any ideological bias. We focus on finding the most suitable and cost-effective solution for our clients.

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