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Database Applications

Draw on our 15 years of experience in modeling and technologically implementing databases. In our firm, profound knowledge and extensive experience hides behind the catchwords design, layout, implementation and tuning. Take us at our word: We make your database quicker, easier to maintain and more reliable. We specialize in ORACLE products and develop a customized solution for you, from OLTP to Data Warehouse, from Data Mining to Reporting. Ask us.

Code Conversions , Migrations

Do you want to change databases? Are you merging multiple business areas and want to consolidate data? This is our specialty. We unify and consolidate your structures, create transformation possibilities and end well-worn makeshift solutions. We give you a well-documented, transparent and easily comprehensible structure.

Reverse Engineering, Re-Engineering

You want to keep using the functionalities of software you've acquired over the years without needing to rewrite everything? We help you avoid errors as you transfer your code to the object-oriented world. COBOL, Fortran, Clipper/xBase - we redevelop your applications or initiate a durable modernization of your code.

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